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5 Ways To Give Sports A Winter-Themed Twist

It’s December and the first official day of winter is right around the corner. Some of you have snow in your backyard already, and some of you will soon. It’d be easy to stay indoors when the snow gets here, but there are so many health benefits to staying active and spending time outside on […]

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3 Outdoor Games You Can Play Indoors

It’s getting colder and depending where you live, playing sports outside might not be an option soon. A lot of sports facilities are still shut down due to the pandemic, so we’re all looking for indoor sports options our kids can participate in. Think about your child’s favorite sport and try to get creative about […]

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Bring Summer Camp Indoors This Winter

As the seasons change from a crisp fall to a cold winter, you might be wondering how to keep your kids entertained indoors all winter. Outdoor time is still good to work in, but with it so cold, in some places it’s not an option for long stretches of time. There are many activities we […]

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3 Outdoor Games That Challenge Your Brain

Now that your kids are back in school and learning again, it’s easy to let them watch TV, play video games, or do some other mindless activity in their free time. After all, at least they’re using their brain for part of the day. However, why not have them play games that are fun, exciting […]

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5 Fun Games For Kids Who Love Soccer

For many kids, soccer was the first sport they were introduced to. At a young age, learning to kick a ball and work with teammates were essential skills that helped ease their transition into team sports and other cooperative activities.  But as your kids get older and their skill sets improve, they’ll need to challenge […]