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For Max Learning and Development, Give Kids a Variety of Activities and Challenges

by Your Friends at School Zone & Anywhere Teacher Kids need physical activity along with periods of focused, in-seat learning. They need digital skills but also still need pencil-and-paper know-how. And no two kids are the same or learn at the same pace, so  they need opportunities to explore at their own pace and discover […]

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6 Creative At-Home Recess Ideas

For most kids, virtual learning has moved school into homes, where they’re required to stare at a screen all day. That’s why it’s so important to replicate recess at home and give kids the break they deserve in the middle of the day. But without much space and other kids to play with, you may […]

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Easy Snacks For The School Day

You’re working from home and the kids are doing school from home, and your day will be busy enough without having to stop what you’re doing to make a snack every time your kids are hungry. With a little preparation, you can make snacks the night before or the morning of to have on hand […]

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Essential School Supplies For At-Home Learning

It’s fall, and that means it’s time to stock up on school supplies. For many parents, this school year will be different from years past because the kids will be going to school virtually at home. To make your time a little easier, stock up on school supply essentials so your kids have what they […]

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Setting Up Your School At Home Space

This whole school at home thing is new for most of us. Making the adjustment to learning at home can be challenging for kids (and parents) without setting up some clear guidelines and boundaries.  Take these five steps to set yourself up for success in your remote school at home space.  Limit Distractions It’s easy […]