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Shopping For Summer Camp Essentials

If your child is heading to summer camp this summer, you’re probably starting to think about what to pack. Shopping for summer camp doesn’t have to be hard. One way to know what to pack is to contact your summer camp director. Camps will often provide a list of what you should pack and send with your child. If you’re looking for advice on where to start shopping for summer camp, look no further. We’ve got some camp essentials and sports equipment essentials listed below. 

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Camp Essentials

There are certain summer camp gear essentials you’ll want to send with your child. Think about things like flip flops, towels, a bathrobe, a bath and hygiene supply kit and a shower caddy. Those will make heading to the shower house a lot easier and more comfortable. 

With lots of other kids around, it’s important to stay organized. Hanging shoe organizers can double as a storage container for other things like shampoo, flashlights and small water bottles. Cubby cubes and under-the-bed containers are other ways to store your child’s essentials. Shop now for organization containers.

Some camps provide linens for the beds, but you should always ask ahead of time. A mattress cover and a self-inflating mattress pad are good options if the bunk doesn’t come with a mattress or linens. It doesn’t hurt to send your child with a sleeping bag either because it’s their own blanket they don’t have to share, plus it allows them to sleep under the stars if there is an option to do that. Shop here for summer camp essentials. Other miscellaneous essentials include: a flashlight, a combination lock if they are able to store their valuables in a locker, and stamps with stationery so they can write home.

Sports Equipmentsports essentials

For your child to have the most fun possible, consider what activities they will be participating in. Sports camps require sports equipment. If your child is going to a summer soccer camp, pack a mouth guard, cleats, shin guards, a water bottle and a soccer ball.  For basketball camp they’ll want the right shoes, a ball, a water bottle and a mouth guard. 

If your child is going to a summer camp on a lake, consider water shoes, a life vest, a beach towel and sunscreen. Shop here for sports equipment essentials.


Camp Clothingcampers wearing tshirts and a hat

Clothes are an obvious one, but consider the location and weather of the camp when shopping for summer camp clothes. Some camps may need warmer attire for the evenings, such as a sweatshirt or jacket. Some summer camps may be extremely hot, and you will not need jackets at all. Camp t-shirts and hats are perfect for an everyday look. Shop here for summer camp clothing.

When it comes to packing for summer camp it’s better to be prepared and send your child with everything they need, so they can focus on having fun. Having the right items with them will help them have a better summer camp experience.