Campfire Talent Show
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The World’s Biggest Campfire Wants You!

Welcome to Happy Camper Live, home of the world’s biggest campfire!

There is something special about gathering around the campfire with friends.

Sharing stories, talents and of course smore’s, gives everyone the summer camp feeling all year round.

Here are 10 talents that you can share to become Camp Famous at Happy Camper Live:

  1. Design a T-shirt
  2. Share a magic trick
  3. Shoot a 30 second movie about life at camp
  4. Do your favorite gymnastics dismount
  5. Catch a fish and film it
  6. Create a how-to video how to make a tutu
  7. Write an original song and share it
  8. Do a monologue from your favorite play/musical
  9. Show us your favorite skill move in soccer
  10. See how many free throws you can make in a row

    Campfire Talent Show
    The world’s biggest campfire talent show for kids

What are you waiting for? Grab some smores and become Camp Famous today!