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Weird Winter Olympic Rules

It’s a few days into the Winter Olympics being held in Beijing and there are so many great athletes showing off all their hard work on the biggest stage in the world! But did you know that within every sport there are some weird rules athletes must follow when competing? While watching them on TV […]

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How To Make Football Snacks

Invited to a football party but not sure what to bring? Here are a few appetizers you can try that will have everyone wanting seconds, and even asking you for the recipes so they can make it themselves when they get home.   Bacon-wrapped Pepper Poppers With only 3 ingredients these pepper poppers will have […]

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How To Make Walking Tacos

Have you ever had a regular taco before and realize how messy it can get with the meat falling out of the taco or the taco shell breaking into small pieces? Well, this is where the walking taco comes into play. No plates no bowls are needed here. Just a personal sized chip bag, a […]

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8 Tips To Sticking To Your New Year’s Resolutions

With the New Year already started, making New Year’s resolutions can be hard because you want to make sure they are ones you can keep throughout the whole year. So, what kind of things can you stick with? No more soda, less T.V. time, read more books, or eat less candy. Here are 8 tips […]