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Happy Camper Live Holiday Gift Guide 2021

At Happy Camper Live, we are all about that camp feeling all year long.  Whether it be in person at a day camp, sleepaway camp, specialty camp, holiday camps or camp mom and dad. Our mission is for all kids to experience that feeling of finding their passions, or hobbies or just killing an hour […]

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Start Your Own Journal

If you don’t journal regularly this is a great time to start! Journaling is an excellent activity for your mental health and as we move into the colder months, it’s an indoor hobby that can help you unwind. Let go of stress by writing about it in your journal, or write about memorable moments from […]

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Make Marshmallow Constellations

Have you ever looked up into the sky and made up your own constellations? Given your constellation a cool name and a cool backstory as to why they are up there? Made one to represent a great warrior that fought hundreds of wars, won every single one of them, and even was best friends with […]

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5 Ways To Personalize Your Notebooks

Notebooks are a fun way to show your personal style! Grab a notebook and some supplies and get to crafting. Make your school supplies unique to you. Your friends may start asking you to create notebooks for them! Here are 5 ways to personalize your notebooks this school year.    Use Washi Tape Washi tape […]

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Healthy School Lunches

School is back, and we’ve got some tasty lunch recommendations ahead for you! Get creative and make different combos of proteins and veggies to keep your kids energized all day long. School is easier to tackle with a good lunch! Try these eight healthy school lunches today!   Hummus + Veggies Slice up your favorite […]