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Keeping Camp Games Fun for Every Camper

Sportsmanship for kids How to be a good sport Sports and games are a great way to be active while enjoying yourself. Thinking skills, exercise and teamwork are just a few of the benefits gained while being involved in these types of activities with others. But the fun can quickly fade if kids are poor […]

Keeping kids busy at home with summer camp crafts
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How to Keep Kids Busy Year-Round

Keeping Kids Busy All Year Round Keeping kids busy when it’s warm and sunny out is easy. There are so many options that boredom rarely comes out to play. But, bring on winter, rain, and cold and you have a recipe for kids vegging out in front of the TV or playing videogames on their […]

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Helping Kids Find Their Passion With Happy Camper Live

How we can help kids find their passion One of the many fun things about being a kid is trying different activities to find out what “your thing” really is. As adults, we tend to call this finding our passion. It’s that one thing (or maybe things) that really captivates your interest. It’s something that […]

Learning sports at camp
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Sports: Learn at Camp, Improve at Home

Kids can learn to play sports at Happy Camper Live How your kids can improve at sports at home Sports are an important and fun part of being a kid. When you were little, you most likely had toys and balls around that helped you learn the different skills that would prepare you for sports […]