Try water skiing
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Exciting Activities @ Happy Camper Live

Trying fun camp activities at Happy Camper Live Hello! I recently joined Happy Camper Live and have already chosen several activities. Between homework and sports’ practices I stay pretty busy, but I enjoy trying new things. There’s just not enough time to do all the activities that I wish I could. Happy Camper Live has […]

South African Counselors Song Nobody
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Camp is Alive with the Sound of Music

Music Camps for Kids at Happy Camper Live Kids really benefit from learning music From the time you were very little, music likely played a big role in your life. It’s probably been awhile, but I bet you can recite every lyric of the Itsy Bitsy Spider. And don’t forget all those lullabies that were […]

Sing along with our happy campers
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Good Morning Happy Campers! What are your talents?

Kids have all kinds of different talents How to find and nature yours Good Morning Camp Friends! As you wake up today, think for a moment about what makes you unique. What is about yourself that really makes you different than other people. Fingerprints and snowflakes are all unique and despite being millions of them, […]

A fun ballon popping experiment
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Busting Boredom with Happy Camper Live

How to deal with your kids boredom “I’m bored.” Those have to be on the top ten list of words parents hate to hear the most. What we wouldn’t do to have a few “boring” moments, right? When your kids tell you that they’re bored, they may start asking you for ideas to keep them […]