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The World’s Biggest Campfire Wants You!

Welcome to Happy Camper Live, home of the world’s biggest campfire! There is something special about gathering around the campfire with friends. Sharing stories, talents and of course smore’s, gives everyone the summer camp feeling all year round. Here are 10 talents that you can share to become Camp Famous at Happy Camper Live: Design […]

Peach campfire treats
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Our new campfire favorite: Peach Pockets!

Campfire Treats Try cooking these peaches at your next campfire! We left camp and took a quick ride to the local farm stand earlier in the day and bought some peaches for a pie. One of our campers all time favorites! However, as the day went on and we were enjoying being outside by the […]

Glamping and camping in your yard
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Summer Camp In Your Own Backyard

The next best thing to going to summer camp is creating one at home. It is easy transform your backyard space or trampoline into the feeling of spending a night away under the stars with these great tips. Turn your backyard into a movie theater by hanging a sheet. Add fairy lights to create a […]

Kids should learn to play tennis

5 Reasons Kids Should Try Tennis

The best reasons why kids should try tennis! Tennis has got it all. It takes skill. It takes strategy. It is competitive. It is awesome. Tennis camp on Happy Camper Live will help teach you what you need to know to become a great tennis player. Here are some of the reasons why you must […]