A fun ballon popping experiment
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Busting Boredom with Happy Camper Live

How to deal with your kids boredom “I’m bored.” Those have to be on the top ten list of words parents hate to hear the most. What we wouldn’t do to have a few “boring” moments, right? When your kids tell you that they’re bored, they may start asking you for ideas to keep them […]

Learning to play music is great for kids
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Benefits of Learning Music for Kids

Why kids should learn music When it comes to your kids’ activities there are so many out there that have more benefits than just keeping them busy. Learning how to play music is one of them. Whether your child already has an interest or is just becoming interested in music, you’ll be happy to know […]

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5 Reasons To Unplug

Benefits of kids unplugging from technology Our lives are filled with TV, tablets, phones, and computers. While there are many benefits of technology, I am increasingly concerned about campers who are glued to their screens. I’ve seen many children become slaves to their electronic devices. It is important to establish a balance between screen time […]