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5 Camps To Sign Your Child Up For This Summer

If you’re still considering what your child’s summer plans look like, consider these five types of summer camps. Finding the summer camp that’s right for your child may take a little bit of research, but it’ll be worth it to give them a unique experience where they can continue learning, making friends, and having fun. […]

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Make A Mother’s Day Card

Want to make your own Mother’s Day card but tired of writing the boring “Happy Mother’s Day” line? Make it artsy and be creative with what you write. Below is a list of 16 creative things you can write instead of just “Happy Mother’s Day.” 1) Mom, you light up my life! 2) Ha-Pea Mother’s […]


Canyon Creek Summer Camp In Southern California

The power of camp, no matter the amount of time spent there, has a lasting effect on campers and counselors. On this episode of MyCamp, we sat down with Nick Coffing, the General Manager of Canyon Creek Summer Camp to chat about this awesome power of camp! Canyon Creek Summer Camp is located in Southern […]

Mother's Day Breakfast
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Mother’s Day Breakfast

Mother’s Day is the day where we take the opportunity to celebrate all those wonderful mothers, grandmothers, stepmothers, and even parents that are pulling a double duty. We take the day to appreciate them any way we can. This Mother’s Day why not start the celebration off right with making them breakfast in bed!  So, […]

Mother's Day DIY Flowers
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Mother’s Day DIY Flowers

Want to gift mom with her own bouquet of flowers but don’t want them to die? Here are the perfect flowers for you that will last a lifetime! You just need pipe cleaners and cupcake liners to make your creation. Supplies: 12 Pipe Cleaners 12 Cupcake liners Markers Scissors Step 1 Use your markers to […]