young girl sleeping on the couch from boredom
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10 Creative Tactics to Get Kids Off the Couch this Summer 2020

  As sunny days and warmth are heating up our summer, it’s no secret moms and dads around the globe are spending more and more time at home these days. Children and families everywhere remain challenged more than ever before with trying to find healthy balances between texting, technology-based apps, social media, YouTube, Netflix, Instagram, […]

a little girl doing a science experiment in the kitchen pouring liquid into a measuring cup
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Mind-Blowing Kid Experiments Straight from the Pantry

  Do you (or your kids) have the curiosity for super cool, hands-on science or art and craft projects? One thing is for sure. There is absolutely no need to spend money on extravagant science kits to enjoy mind-blowing kid experiments straight from the pantry. During our new normal, experimentation is a great way to […]

A mom, son, and daughters keeping fit, healthy, and active during summer 2020
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Keep Kids Fit and Healthy During Summer 2020

    Just because summer 2020 is a bit different than expected, we can still observe social distancing regulations and keep healthy and fit at the same time, according to Harvard. Eating healthy and putting physically active pastimes into action is something teens, tweens, kids, adults, and families need than ever before. So now’s the […]